Second Book

Now that my first book is done with the major edits that it so badly needed. I am again, going back into my second book in the series to see what more I can do before my lovely editor tears through that one, haha. Reading, writing, and seeing the end product to a work of art is great. I am making large strides in completing the first two books in the series with the edits. The hard part will be starting on book three and continuing the story of the characters.

I am soon going to give some excerpts from the first book once I get it back later in June. I know I only have a few followers for my blog, but I know that once Summer gets here, this will all pick up and the word will get out. The stage is almost set for Infected Time Saga.


Almost finished

It has been a long time. Working two jobs, while editing and still trying to have a life is rough for me. This Saturday I will be giving my updated version of my first book to my editor, so she can work on round two of edits. It should go much faster and smoother for this second round of edits. I am hoping to still have my first book in the Series of Infected Time Saga out by this year. It was going to be summer, but that isn’t looking too promising. It will be out this year though.

Further Updates

So it is a very slow process as I have found out when it comes to editing. I want to make sure that everything is perfect. So it will be some time until I finish. The good news is, is that work is getting done and all is well.

The Edits

Finally, after waiting for sometime, I finally have my manuscript back. My editor is amazing, and I have lots of work to do. My ideas are way better in my head than on paper, I have concluded. That is okay though, I have all the materials I need to make my rough draft that much better. There is so much red ink, like a cat spilling a tub of paint onto the floor then walking through it.

On some positive feedback, I am very excited to continue my work on the next revision stage. I am happy on the notion that I was able to come up with an entire story board, and finish the first two books in the series (edits and revisions pending) with virtually no background in creative writing, other than what I learned from K-12 and college. haha. For that I commend myself.

One story that has really inspired me, that I was finally able to watch recently was Amadeus. I suggest that everyone follow in suit. If ever anyone needs inspiration, I recommend watching that movie. IT got me back in the mind set again. Just give 3 hours of your life to it.


Have a great day everyone!

A Thanksgiving Feast

Hello everyone!

I want to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving on here. I will be celebrating early, then it will be off to work for me. This is a time that we can all have a few hours of family togetherness and fun while hours later we can trample each other for the best toy, watch, shirt, and tech device. What a wonderful time of the year, it is for us all. I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and black Friday.

In other news, my first book is getting closer to its finished edits, while the second book is in the line up, and the third book is still in its infancy for writing. As I have said before, the first two are still planned for Summer release 2016. If things pick up it may be sooner, but lets be honest, writing is a long process, as is editing. For any fans of Game of Thrones, you know the struggle.


Update for everyone

Hello to everyone who follows my blog!

I am sorry for the non-existent life I have been giving on here. I currently am working two jobs and had no time to post, also, I was having complications with my computer. I was unable to access the internet even though I had WiFi. It was quite weird. But I am back.

My first book is still being edited, my editor still has a very busy schedule herself. I am still planning, however, to release my 1st (hopefully 2nd) book by Summer of next year (2016). I will begin to write book 3 very shortly. When I get further along with the editing I will start to maybe put some quotes here and there from the book itself. For anyone who is interested let me know if you all have any questions about the series. I would be more than happy to discuss.


Bjorn Werner

The first cover is finished

It is with great pleasure that I unveil my book cover! On my main page you can see it under ‘art design’ and in this blog. I am really excited to have the first cover completed. How I have this planned is that after my editor and I complete all edits for book 1 and 2 I will be releasing them together. This should hold any and all fans over until I am able to finish book 3.

To make the announcement now, and not later, I have completed writing books 1 and 2, it is the grueling editing phase that is taking so much time. Also, I am uncertain about the title for book 2, it is a work in progress for now I have it under the working title ‘A Cast of Shadows’.

And to give a little more detail into what this whole series is all about (if the name of the series doesn’t give it away.) Low and behold ‘Time has become infected and two unlikely characters must repair the damage before everything falls to ruins.’

I hope everyone enjoys the little updates I give out from time to time. Again if anyone is interested in wanting to know more please leave questions and comments.

Okay guys, I know it has been some time since I posted something new up here. Very shortly I will be receiving my book cover from my editor, she has been really busy herself with all of her own projects and what not. Once she gives it to me I can post it all on here and give more fun info on my book. Comments and questions are welcomed at any time and would be greatly appreciated. For those who are following my blog, I want to say thanks and I will make sure to give more frequent updates.

It has been a great day

As I sat in my room with the shade on high and my fan on even higher, I was able to create and complete two new chapters to my second book. Writing is great, now when I go back to edit it that will be a completely different mood. I will soon have my book cover for my first novel finished soon and I will post it up here when I do have it. Things seem to be coming along smoothly, slowly but really smooth. All I need to do now is make my page look more inviting. Does anyone have any tips at all or suggestions?


Happy blogging and writing guys. Soon I will start discussing about some of the characters in this series. So then there wont be so much secrecy surrounding it all. But here is a hint with one of the characters. check out the rock.

The itch to create

I love it when you talk to your editor, and come to find out that focusing on the technical side of writing a series is the up most important part of this whole process. Going in depth about the specifics to the plot, and how all the characters will connect in a concise and direct way. It is exhilarating. I have figured out how all the main characters fit together and will play out on the page. I wish there were more hours in the day to do more work! Also, I have approved what my book cover will be and it is great! I love it. Once my editor sends it to me I will post it up here for all to see. Happy blogging!


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