Bjorn Michael Werner is my name

Adventures are what I am all about. I need something thrilling to happen, otherwise boredom ensues and life is a waste. This was one of my main reasons for this series. During my days in middle and high school, I was really bored with sitting in a classroom for hours. I had too many day dreams, and not enough excitement. It was in those times that I was able to create this concept of ‘Infected Time’ while the over arching theme for the books came later as I was able to narrow down my idea.

My adventures as a kid were probably like any other, I grew up by a heavily forested area, (Dallas, TX) so my friends and I would play outside with our star wars and super soaker guns. The mission would take place on a new alien planet, we didn’t know if the air was breathable or not, but we took the risk anyways. We would start in the house, or the star ship as it was, and then venture out into the great unknown. Sometimes these adventures would lead us in a chase against many dogs.

As an avid fan of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball Z, and many other anime series, I used that inspiration, and visuals to create my own set of adventures (while in class or alone). The love of history, and mythology also play a huge role in the making of my book series along with my own personal life.

As I grew older from middle, to high school my inspiration grew tremendously. I was just really lazy in the actual part of writing, and I had no idea how to really begin. So, I stuffed it all into my head for safe keeping. It wasn’t until I went to college and met so many different people from all walks of life that gave me the will to sit down and write. Also, I bought a lab top. Those contraptions really make life easier. With no background in writing, story telling, or an advanced knowledge in anything English, (a part from what I learned in school). I had to work really hard to understand the basics of writing along with meeting the right people and making friends with people of an artistic and creative background. Since my passion lies in art, film, and theatre I put myself in that environment as to grow and learn from those in the same field.

Ever since I was 8, I knew I wanted to be an actor, I got the role of Terry Triceratops in my 3rd grade school play with a large 2 sentence monologue, from then on out I fell in love with theatre. Before that, I wanted to be so many different things: Paleontologist, Cowboy, Astronaut, Egyptology, and an Archaeologist (The Indiana Jones version). From that one show I decided to take all the acting classes that  middle and high school would let me. This was another reason my mind wondered, regular learning (except for history) bored me. The arts gave my life meaning, and purpose. Sitting for so long being forced to follow the main stream society lifestyle wasn’t for me, so I fought back with crafting my talent.

But I still wanted to go to college, so when I moved out to California I moved in with my aunt and uncle and little cousins. I tried the Hollywood acting glam. It was fun, but going to school full time, working part time, and for a few years being a nanny to my awesome little cousins, there wasn’t too much time for me to go out to Hollywood. So I went back to rethink some things. I switched my focus from a theatre and history major to a business major. While doing local plays for fun while I would study history from buying books at Barnes&Noble, and create a plan from a business degree. In doing all of this I would sit down and write my book series and put my dreams in a different direction. As of now it seems to be paying off. I graduated from California State University San Bernardino with my BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. I finished my first two books (still in the editing phase sadly), and working to find a great career in the business world, while having a blast doing stage work when able to.

I would like for everyone to follow my blog and my twitter to see my progress in this new adventure and goal I have set myself to accomplish.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Fascinating to read a bit about you, Bjorn, and the journey that’s led you to want to share a novel with all of us. Can’t wait for you to finish editing. You can find me on Facebook as Giuliano A. Fontanez. I put my blog down below. Would love to connect with your and other writers as you go on these marvelous journeys of expression.

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