Introducing some characters

Okay, so, my big reveal is today for some of my characters. Now, they are all rough sketches from my artist/graphic designer friend who graciously took the time to bring life into my creativity.

After seeing them drawn out, I will have a better visual on how to tweak my characters better when writing, and see what I may or may not like going forward. But I did want to share them with all of my followers/potential fans.

My process here for my series has been really slow, but do not fret, it will be completed in due time. I am desperately hoping the edits for book 1 can be completed by the end of this year and no later. I am done seeing red ink. I know I am not a master writer, but damn editors can be brutal.

Without further ado let me introduce you all to some friends of mine.

First up is Obsidian (Sid), and GabrielObsidian_Gabriel.jpg

Next: The Gang of 5- Telesto, Tabious, Thyrone, Tethys, TaygeteGang_of_Five.jpg

The pictures are for all to enjoy, and look upon. More will be coming out in time, my friend is busy with his own career, haha. So, as for the rest of the cast, only time will tell what they look like, and when they will come out for all to see.

I am really excited to see my creations come to life, almost as good as watching Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope for the first time. Almost.


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