Sketches, Vacation, and Reading

Great news everybody!

I will be rolling out some rough sketches of my characters very soon! I just got them, I am going to wait a few more days since I will be going out of town Saturday morning. So, Sometime this weekend they will be posted for all to see, and get a little more knowledge into my series. Also, I cant seem to save them onto my lab top…

The editing, and continuation of my first two books has been slow for sure. But I am confident that it will be a great read for all fantasy/fiction lovers alike. I am really excited, and happy to see my characters come to life. A great friend of mine, Evan Green, drew them for me. He did a fantastic job with the visuals to my descriptions with Obsidian, Gabriel, and The Gang of 5. I think I will make a few changes, but overall I am overly happy.

While some of the main characters have been drawn, I will be doing more work on my vacation back home in Texas. While away from all things work related, I will be reading, hopefully 2 books over 5 days, and working on my series more. I have not had a real vacation in years! honestly, I want to go somewhere more exotic than Texas, but it will do.

I was unable to go to Boston earlier this summer due, to work, so seeing my family will be relaxing enough. However, I have other trips scheduled directly after The Lone Star State. Haha. I haven’t decided which books to read yet? I’ve been unable to read anything on my list other than one book, and Republic is honestly a completely boring, and pedantic read. (Thank you Family Guy) Any suggestions? Look at my other post, where I listed them all, and let me know what sounds good!

Hope to hear from my many followers, and others who peer over my site. 🙂



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