New home

Well, in a shocking, and stunning turn of events, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yup, I left beautiful, perfect weather, (high cost of living) California for the Silver State. For fairly reasonable reasons, I got my belongings, packed up, and drove (with the help of my best friend Art) to Vegas. Where I will embark on my own, new journey. I also will get more work done with my series.

My editor is almost finished completing her Master’s degree program in creative writing, and will have time to actually edit my books in more detail. When she does that I can work profusely to get them out, and in the hands of all who love to read, and fly away to a fantasy world.

So as for me not getting any of the work done myself is another story. I could have had way more editing, and expansion of my story completed, if not for working 2 jobs. It was insane guys. My day was this exactly from last June (2016) to February (2017). Monday, wake up at 4am for Gap, and leave at 2pm. Then I went to my warehouse job, 4pm to 12:30am. I got home at 1am was in bed by 1:30am, and woke up again at 4am, sometimes 5am. Everyday, for months, and it was physically, and mentally exhausting. It gave me no time to actually sleep, my diet, and health plummeted severely, and I hated the schedule I had, a monotonous routine that sucked more than anything. I Wasn’t able to enjoy life, travel even a little, how I had a relationship (failed by the way) is news to me, I couldn’t read my books, (I have 13 on my table), my finances didn’t change at all, they got worse somehow…? And I was literally defeated, and slowly dying.

Okay, so I may be going overboard with how much life sucked these past 8 months because of work, but I definitely enjoyed learning all that I did in that time frame. For my business background, it really gave me the “real world” experience that I needed to get ahead for future endeavors. However, I will not be going back to that type of work or schedule again. I am in a new city, virtually unlimited opportunity, and I will become much stronger, this time round. I will apply what I learned in those 8 months to my new plan. The goals that I have set for myself are reasonable, and doable. I just first need the job(s) in order to complete my objectives. Luckily for me money goes a long way here, unlike California, you make $100, and literally in about 30 minutes you have spent it all, and on nothing you really wanted too.

I will continue to pursue my interests, and do so much more with my life, like traveling, and paying off my personal debts, and working strenuously on my book series. I know that Sid and the rest of the gang are ready to go onward with the quest that they have just finished in book 2. However, sometimes to go forward, you must first go backwards.


Books that are currently on my table waiting to be read: The Divine Comedy (the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso), David Copperfield, Tom Jones, Republic, The Founding Fathers and other Writings, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, The Crystal Cave, The Fountain Head, The Complete Money Makeover, and I sadly cant remember the last one. haha But I just finished the Cursed Child, and that was so good.

I know again, that this blog post is all over the place, but I have so much going on right now that my mind is jumbling everything all over.


I really need to update my own picture on here, I sport a beard now…


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