Introducing some Characters

So Some things I can do to make this a better blogging site. Keeping you all up to date.

Obsidian- Or Sid, is a young 18 year old boy who has gone through some tough times. Nothing too severe but enough to need some help. His life changes drastically the moment you meet him. Some may say for the better, others might agree it’s for the worse.

Gabriel- An angel who watches over Sid, but hasn’t been doing his best, though when other angels are out to kill you, what can you do? The journey of an angel outcast by his own kin, has little time to save Sid. Can he and Bellock, his trusty companion (a horse) stop the bad guys or die trying?

Nancy and Bobby Clay- The parents to Sid. they work hard, and kind of get mixed up with their careers. They love their son, they know what’s best for him. But they dont seem to really pay attention or even listen to what their son is going though.

Michelle- The sister to Sid, daughter of Nancy, and Bobby. She is more concerned about herself than anything else. She may not be in school anymore, but she still acts as if she does.

Uriel- An ancient angel who really wants Gabriel dead, but more than that he has a more sinister plan at play here. Leader of the kin, and oversees the Gang of Five.

The Gang of Five- The worst group of killers. Together they are a deadly assassin gang that are sent out to kill Gabriel. They fought in the war from long ago that decided the fate of their kind. Their names: Tabious, Tethys, Telesto, Taygete, and Thyrone.


I just wanted to give a little teaser for the blog here. Hopefully this doesn’t take away anything from the series too soon. these are just some of the characters that you will meet and get to know throughout. Some will stay and other will go. Enjoy!


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