The Aftermath

So, I really needed to express some things in my last post. I was able to get out of my apartment and live for a while.

The day started with going to Korea Town in L.A., there my friend and I found a French Cafe, Caffe Concerto, where we just sat and felt fancy in this really beautiful setting of a hide away dining experience. We drank Latte’s with a 3 layer cake, green tea, chocolate, and vanilla with fruit toppings, along side with a basked of aioli fries. It was beautiful, the cafe later gave us complimentary scones, a sweet and delicious dessert to our already great meal.

After we ate, we then went to Jae Bu Do, a Korean seafood BBQ place. That was a new experience. Eating food like octopus, muscles, clams, mollusks,  shrimp, raw fish, this weird amorphous living organism, and other fun foods. It was a diet that made me enjoy American cuisine all the more!

Later in the night I met up with my other friend and we traveled to Palm Springs, a change in scenery was what we needed from the usual L.A. nightlife. My friend’s friend was performing in a professional drag show. So naturally we went to support. We met people, talked and danced, with little drinking. my whole day and night was scenic and just what I needed to free my mind.

For those who read my blog, thank you. I will be giving up dates on my book and self in the future, my editor is moving as fast as she can and giving it her all to make sure that my series will be perfect, and not an embarrassment. I hope all is well with everyone!


I may look a little different from my cover photo.


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