The Edits

Finally, after waiting for sometime, I finally have my manuscript back. My editor is amazing, and I have lots of work to do. My ideas are way better in my head than on paper, I have concluded. That is okay though, I have all the materials I need to make my rough draft that much better. There is so much red ink, like a cat spilling a tub of paint onto the floor then walking through it.

On some positive feedback, I am very excited to continue my work on the next revision stage. I am happy on the notion that I was able to come up with an entire story board, and finish the first two books in the series (edits and revisions pending) with virtually no background in creative writing, other than what I learned from K-12 and college. haha. For that I commend myself.

One story that has really inspired me, that I was finally able to watch recently was Amadeus. I suggest that everyone follow in suit. If ever anyone needs inspiration, I recommend watching that movie. IT got me back in the mind set again. Just give 3 hours of your life to it.


Have a great day everyone!


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