A Thanksgiving Feast

Hello everyone!

I want to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving on here. I will be celebrating early, then it will be off to work for me. This is a time that we can all have a few hours of family togetherness and fun while hours later we can trample each other for the best toy, watch, shirt, and tech device. What a wonderful time of the year, it is for us all. I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and black Friday.

In other news, my first book is getting closer to its finished edits, while the second book is in the line up, and the third book is still in its infancy for writing. As I have said before, the first two are still planned for Summer release 2016. If things pick up it may be sooner, but lets be honest, writing is a long process, as is editing. For any fans of Game of Thrones, you know the struggle.



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