The first cover is finished

It is with great pleasure that I unveil my book cover! On my main page you can see it under ‘art design’ and in this blog. I am really excited to have the first cover completed. How I have this planned is that after my editor and I complete all edits for book 1 and 2 I will be releasing them together. This should hold any and all fans over until I am able to finish book 3.

To make the announcement now, and not later, I have completed writing books 1 and 2, it is the grueling editing phase that is taking so much time. Also, I am uncertain about the title for book 2, it is a work in progress for now I have it under the working title ‘A Cast of Shadows’.

And to give a little more detail into what this whole series is all about (if the name of the series doesn’t give it away.) Low and behold ‘Time has become infected and two unlikely characters must repair the damage before everything falls to ruins.’

I hope everyone enjoys the little updates I give out from time to time. Again if anyone is interested in wanting to know more please leave questions and comments.


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