Introducing some characters

Okay, so, my big reveal is today for some of my characters. Now, they are all rough sketches from my artist/graphic designer friend who graciously took the time to bring life into my creativity.

After seeing them drawn out, I will have a better visual on how to tweak my characters better when writing, and see what I may or may not like going forward. But I did want to share them with all of my followers/potential fans.

My process here for my series has been really slow, but do not fret, it will be completed in due time. I am desperately hoping the edits for book 1 can be completed by the end of this year and no later. I am done seeing red ink. I know I am not a master writer, but damn editors can be brutal.

Without further ado let me introduce you all to some friends of mine.

First up is Obsidian (Sid), and GabrielObsidian_Gabriel.jpg

Next: The Gang of 5- Telesto, Tabious, Thyrone, Tethys, TaygeteGang_of_Five.jpg

The pictures are for all to enjoy, and look upon. More will be coming out in time, my friend is busy with his own career, haha. So, as for the rest of the cast, only time will tell what they look like, and when they will come out for all to see.

I am really excited to see my creations come to life, almost as good as watching Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope for the first time. Almost.


Sketches, Vacation, and Reading

Great news everybody!

I will be rolling out some rough sketches of my characters very soon! I just got them, I am going to wait a few more days since I will be going out of town Saturday morning. So, Sometime this weekend they will be posted for all to see, and get a little more knowledge into my series. Also, I cant seem to save them onto my lab top…

The editing, and continuation of my first two books has been slow for sure. But I am confident that it will be a great read for all fantasy/fiction lovers alike. I am really excited, and happy to see my characters come to life. A great friend of mine, Evan Green, drew them for me. He did a fantastic job with the visuals to my descriptions with Obsidian, Gabriel, and The Gang of 5. I think I will make a few changes, but overall I am overly happy.

While some of the main characters have been drawn, I will be doing more work on my vacation back home in Texas. While away from all things work related, I will be reading, hopefully 2 books over 5 days, and working on my series more. I have not had a real vacation in years! honestly, I want to go somewhere more exotic than Texas, but it will do.

I was unable to go to Boston earlier this summer due, to work, so seeing my family will be relaxing enough. However, I have other trips scheduled directly after The Lone Star State. Haha. I haven’t decided which books to read yet? I’ve been unable to read anything on my list other than one book, and Republic is honestly a completely boring, and pedantic read. (Thank you Family Guy) Any suggestions? Look at my other post, where I listed them all, and let me know what sounds good!

Hope to hear from my many followers, and others who peer over my site. 🙂



As of This weekend I will be getting back into my book. I cant wait. I really needed to live a bit, and study more about my characters to make them more real than they were before. It was exciting to experience what I did, and to meet some great people. New things are coming over the horizon.


New home

Well, in a shocking, and stunning turn of events, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yup, I left beautiful, perfect weather, (high cost of living) California for the Silver State. For fairly reasonable reasons, I got my belongings, packed up, and drove (with the help of my best friend Art) to Vegas. Where I will embark on my own, new journey. I also will get more work done with my series.

My editor is almost finished completing her Master’s degree program in creative writing, and will have time to actually edit my books in more detail. When she does that I can work profusely to get them out, and in the hands of all who love to read, and fly away to a fantasy world.

So as for me not getting any of the work done myself is another story. I could have had way more editing, and expansion of my story completed, if not for working 2 jobs. It was insane guys. My day was this exactly from last June (2016) to February (2017). Monday, wake up at 4am for Gap, and leave at 2pm. Then I went to my warehouse job, 4pm to 12:30am. I got home at 1am was in bed by 1:30am, and woke up again at 4am, sometimes 5am. Everyday, for months, and it was physically, and mentally exhausting. It gave me no time to actually sleep, my diet, and health plummeted severely, and I hated the schedule I had, a monotonous routine that sucked more than anything. I Wasn’t able to enjoy life, travel even a little, how I had a relationship (failed by the way) is news to me, I couldn’t read my books, (I have 13 on my table), my finances didn’t change at all, they got worse somehow…? And I was literally defeated, and slowly dying.

Okay, so I may be going overboard with how much life sucked these past 8 months because of work, but I definitely enjoyed learning all that I did in that time frame. For my business background, it really gave me the “real world” experience that I needed to get ahead for future endeavors. However, I will not be going back to that type of work or schedule again. I am in a new city, virtually unlimited opportunity, and I will become much stronger, this time round. I will apply what I learned in those 8 months to my new plan. The goals that I have set for myself are reasonable, and doable. I just first need the job(s) in order to complete my objectives. Luckily for me money goes a long way here, unlike California, you make $100, and literally in about 30 minutes you have spent it all, and on nothing you really wanted too.

I will continue to pursue my interests, and do so much more with my life, like traveling, and paying off my personal debts, and working strenuously on my book series. I know that Sid and the rest of the gang are ready to go onward with the quest that they have just finished in book 2. However, sometimes to go forward, you must first go backwards.


Books that are currently on my table waiting to be read: The Divine Comedy (the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso), David Copperfield, Tom Jones, Republic, The Founding Fathers and other Writings, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, The Crystal Cave, The Fountain Head, The Complete Money Makeover, and I sadly cant remember the last one. haha But I just finished the Cursed Child, and that was so good.

I know again, that this blog post is all over the place, but I have so much going on right now that my mind is jumbling everything all over.


I really need to update my own picture on here, I sport a beard now…

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been months since I was last doing anything productive. Working two jobs and trying to have a life, along with working on self made ideas is so challenging and I have definitely been lazy on the latter end of that.

I hope that I will soon be able to get back into the writing bug part of my work and continue my editing and work on my book series. My editor has also taken a sabbatical, so to speak, her work has left her exhausted. The struggle is real I must say. Even writing this has been difficult, this will be the final product, but my typing on this keyboard is terrible.

But as I look at my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and the sites of a great feast slowly creeping its way to my nose, I know that I will be able to complete my work. However, for now, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I know I will.

I just wanted to show that I was still alive and active on my account here.

Promoting my friends book

Hey everyone,

My good friend Robin Szollosi’s dad co-wrote the book, ‘The Last Master Outlaw’ It took him and Thomas J. Colbert, three years to do all the research involved with the truth about the hijacking. Get the book early on Amazon this Friday July, 8th. And then watch the documentary July 11th. Spread the word and get out and read!!

Here is the link.

D.B. Cooper Case Closed? Watch the documentary on The History Channel July 10th & 11th


Hectic life

My apologies for anyone who couldn’t view my site the past couple of weeks. I forgot to renew it and I have been busy away at working and maintaining 3 jobs. haha. However I am back on track, with a free day. In the past couple of weeks I have been given back my edits for book 1 and I’ve been working hard to get it done so that round 3 will be significantly less work.

I am writing a away and making sure everything is just perfect for the series of the first two books. Life has been going great for me. I am writing, working my butt off, and enjoying my days off to enrich my life. More information will come, as for now, enjoy the day!

Introducing some Characters

So Some things I can do to make this a better blogging site. Keeping you all up to date.

Obsidian- Or Sid, is a young 18 year old boy who has gone through some tough times. Nothing too severe but enough to need some help. His life changes drastically the moment you meet him. Some may say for the better, others might agree it’s for the worse.

Gabriel- An angel who watches over Sid, but hasn’t been doing his best, though when other angels are out to kill you, what can you do? The journey of an angel outcast by his own kin, has little time to save Sid. Can he and Bellock, his trusty companion (a horse) stop the bad guys or die trying?

Nancy and Bobby Clay- The parents to Sid. they work hard, and kind of get mixed up with their careers. They love their son, they know what’s best for him. But they dont seem to really pay attention or even listen to what their son is going though.

Michelle- The sister to Sid, daughter of Nancy, and Bobby. She is more concerned about herself than anything else. She may not be in school anymore, but she still acts as if she does.

Uriel- An ancient angel who really wants Gabriel dead, but more than that he has a more sinister plan at play here. Leader of the kin, and oversees the Gang of Five.

The Gang of Five- The worst group of killers. Together they are a deadly assassin gang that are sent out to kill Gabriel. They fought in the war from long ago that decided the fate of their kind. Their names: Tabious, Tethys, Telesto, Taygete, and Thyrone.


I just wanted to give a little teaser for the blog here. Hopefully this doesn’t take away anything from the series too soon. these are just some of the characters that you will meet and get to know throughout. Some will stay and other will go. Enjoy!

The Aftermath

So, I really needed to express some things in my last post. I was able to get out of my apartment and live for a while.

The day started with going to Korea Town in L.A., there my friend and I found a French Cafe, Caffe Concerto, where we just sat and felt fancy in this really beautiful setting of a hide away dining experience. We drank Latte’s with a 3 layer cake, green tea, chocolate, and vanilla with fruit toppings, along side with a basked of aioli fries. It was beautiful, the cafe later gave us complimentary scones, a sweet and delicious dessert to our already great meal.

After we ate, we then went to Jae Bu Do, a Korean seafood BBQ place. That was a new experience. Eating food like octopus, muscles, clams, mollusks,  shrimp, raw fish, this weird amorphous living organism, and other fun foods. It was a diet that made me enjoy American cuisine all the more!

Later in the night I met up with my other friend and we traveled to Palm Springs, a change in scenery was what we needed from the usual L.A. nightlife. My friend’s friend was performing in a professional drag show. So naturally we went to support. We met people, talked and danced, with little drinking. my whole day and night was scenic and just what I needed to free my mind.

For those who read my blog, thank you. I will be giving up dates on my book and self in the future, my editor is moving as fast as she can and giving it her all to make sure that my series will be perfect, and not an embarrassment. I hope all is well with everyone!


I may look a little different from my cover photo.

No Title

Have you ever felt like everything around you is crumbling, and no matter what you try to do, no matter how hard you work, or how hard you think you work, you cant get out of your mess. And climbing from the rubble of the mess piled around you exhausts your spirit, mentally and physically?

That is how I feel right now. And the knowledge in knowing, I live right by one of the deadliest fault line in the world, doesn’t shed much light on the subject either. As I sit here and write this while listening to my ITUNES: Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rock your Body’ I wonder what am I doing?

I work two jobs,  I like them both and the people as well, yes, but the growth in the company seems bleak, like every other company out there. Unless of course you have a 3.6 GPA and went to a four year university, growth, shrinks dim for those who are not the…brightest of persons. By nature I am an actor, a writer, an innovator. It’s what I do. And being rebellious by nature, these traits and fortes of mine make sense. But I feel lost really. Probably much like this post I am writing. It goes from one theme to the next. No definite point of destination. Too many obstacles, too many distractions, too many opinions, and other peoples plans that I felt pressured.forced to follow.

Everything around my life is falling, and falling fast. Work, finances, (though not exactly falling in the way one would want it to) career path, hope, dreams. That and much more is just so overwhelming right now. There was one sliver left of framework keeping me together and that was my significant other, but the rains came and quickly flushed him out and into another place.

Family wants me to move back home for all the reasons, any anomaly, they have their reasons why they want me back. I am doing my best to repair the damage, but it is just exhausting me. I am not suffering as some may have put it. Struggling yes, but not suffering- the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship; whereas struggling-make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction. (Google) But then again maybe it’s a mix of the two and I am too stubborn to admit it. They always say the first year is the hardest in anything.

Going back wont solve my problems. It feels as if the very thing that keeps me going is the drive to work on my book series here. It isn’t Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones status writing, but it is my damn story that I have worked hard to write and create. Between that and my love and passion for theatre/film, these are the only pleasures in life that drives me. They give me hope, passion, love, and ideas. Though the business aspect, and the main stream media to meet demands of perfect physical beauty out weighs the actual art of acting.

Part of me is relieved I wrote this, while the other part is like, “Hey, in a few days you will feel better, and look dumb for posting this.” But I don’t care. Maybe someone else is in the same boat, maybe someone needed to read this as well or share it, I don’t know. I just know I needed too. But now as One Republic sings me ‘Counting Stars’ I will bid goodbye for now. I hope that everyone has a great day, and an even better tomorrow!